This year’s tour will feature 7 private homes in Dataw Island, all professionally decorated for the Holidays by local interior designers and talented artists, including Lynn Monday Home & Design, Sweet Bay- Maggie Engstrom, Pier 1 Imports- Barb Farley, Scout Southern Market- Ann Higgins, Kay Summers and The Spirits of Christmas, Macdonald Marketplace, Dataw Garden Club and W.E.D.- Katie V. Huebel.

Bob & Joan Gilchrist

Designer: Barb Farley, Pier 1 Imports

Home Sponsor: Redcap Lowcountry Service Concierge



Carl Moulton

Designer: Lynn Monday, Lynn Monday Home & Design

Home Sponsor: Allison Sutcliffe Greco, Keller Williams Realty



Mike & Martha UpChurch

Designer: Macdonald Market Place

Home Sponsor: Grayco



Daniel & Allison Barton

Designer: Maggie Engstrom, Sweet Bay

Home Sponsor: Karl & Sons Home Improvement



Stan & Joan Karmilovich

Designer: Ann Higgins, Scout Southern Market

Home Sponsor: Andy Corriveau and Amy Bowman, State Farm Insurance



Steve & Jean Dietz

Designer: Katie V. Huebel, W.E.D. ~Owner & Principal Designer

Home Sponsor: Brower Heating & Air



Norm Phelps

Designer: Kay Summers and The Spirits of Christmas

Home Sponsor: Todd Bradley, Live Oak Builders



Sams Plantation Tabby Ruins & Dataw History/Learning Center

Designer: Dataw Island Garden Club

Home Sponsor: Isaiah Daise, Palms On the Parkway